CHASM Annual Conference - Housing, Wealth and Wellbeing

Euston, Friends house, London
Thursday 27 June 2019 (10:30-14:30)

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In an era of welfare state retrenchment, the role of personal assets, including housing assets, are increasingly essential for welfare and wellbeing. But for the first time in a century, the proportion of people in owner occupation has fallen. However, younger generations are facing particular challenges, as housing costs are rising faster than incomes, while rates of owner occupation and levels of housing wealth remain relatively high among older generations.

This year’s CHASM conference brings together academics, practitioners and policy representatives to examine and debate the role of home ownership and other housing tenures as a source of wealth and welfare.

The morning session will focus on CHASM’S recent work on the links between housing tenure and wellbeing among lower-income (working age) groups, while the afternoon session will focus on housing wealth as a source of later life funding, with particular emphasis on paying for care.

There will be tea and coffee at 10am.

Speakers and Sessions

Session 1 explores the relationship between housing and financial wellbeing based on ongoing CHASM research on housing tenure and general wellbeing.  Speakers comprise of:

Natalie Brown, East Devon District Council – More than a roof; understanding the value of social housing. Traditional landlord surveys of the tenant experience focussed on consumer satisfaction and lacked a depth of understanding. This presentation sets out the background and motivation behind new survey approach which explores tenant’s financial and psychological wellbeing.

Dr James Gregory, CHASM – Survey results and tenant experiences of the home. James Gregory presents the results of years one and two of a three-year study undertaken in partnership with East Devon District Council and LiveWest Housing Association.

Suzanne Moore (Research Analyst) & Kate Ellis (Research and Customer Insight Manager) Clarion Housing Group. Clarion Housing is one of England’s largest social landlords. Every year, Clarion speaks to 2,000 of their residents about their lives, views and experiences. The results of this are published as The Index and feed in to every area of Clarion’s work, in particular it’s charitable functions . In this presentation, Clarion will cover the background and methodology of the Index, some key findings from recent years and also how they plan to expand the Index in the future.

Session 2 focusses on housing wealth as a source of later life funding, with particular emphasis on paying for care.  Speakers comprise of: 

Tony Miles, My Care Consultant - The Role of Housing Wealth in funding and paying for Social Care. With significant amounts of housing wealth in the hands of older people, it is likely to have a central role in future funding of and paying for social care. This presentation looks at the opportunities and challenges this presents, and highlights the role qualified and experienced financial advisers can play in delivering good consumer outcomes 

Jane Vass, Age UK - Refuge or resource? The role of housing in later life Housing equity is often suggested as a solution for the costs of care. This presentation will explore the role of housing in the context of older people’s lives 

Les Mayhew, Professor of Statistics, CASS Business School - The Last-Time Buyer: housing and finance for an ageing society.

If you would like to book a place at the Conference, please email Helen Harris on