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Working towards a society where everyone has the financial security they need to thrive.

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    We research the causes and consequences of financial risk and insecurity, and promote policies to foster financial wellbeing.

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    We are an interdisciplinary research centre covering a range of specialisms, including social policy, accounting and finance, economics and sociology.


CHASM Annual Report 2022

Read the CHASM Annual Report for 2022

CHASM’s work has never been more important amidst the current cost of living crisis in a post-COVID world. Our cutting- edge research seeks to understand and address the causes and consequences of this (growing) financial risk and insecurity, and we continue to work closely with non-academic partners to translate our research into practice.  

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CHASM International Fellows Scheme 2022

The CHASM International Visiting Fellowship Scheme has been running since 2018 and has enabled CHASM to host researchers from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Indonesia, Italy, Ireland, The Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States.

Read more about the successful researchers for 2022


Will the Energy Price Guarantee prevent households from falling into fuel poverty?

Following recent Governmental announcements that energy prices will be capped to help offset the impact of the ongoing cost of living crisis, Dr Lindsey Appleyard, Assistant Professor (Research), Coventry University, discusses why having open discussions about money and available advise, can help to alleviate worry and reduce financial pressure.

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01 October 2018

Out now! Financial Inclusion Annual Monitoring Briefing Paper 2018

CHASM's Professor Karen Rowlingson and Professor Stephen McKay have published the Financial Inclusion Annual Monitoring Briefing Paper for 2018, which builds on five previous annual reports to measure changing levels of financial inclusion in Britain from 2013-2017.

26 September 2018

What might a post-Wonga world look like?

Karen Rowlingson, Professor of Social Policy: "The collapse of Wonga in may be celebrated by many and mourned by few...but further action is needed if we want a post-Wonga world to look significantly different from what went before."

15 August 2018

Financial inclusion: an agenda for future research

In the latest CHASM briefing paper, Dr Rajiv Prabhakar, from the Open University suggests that policy literature is generally supportive of financial inclusion but academic literature is often very critical of this agenda.

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