Internal and External Associate staff members

Internal associate members

John Doling
Emeritus Professor of Housing Policy, Social Policy 
School of Social Policy

David Mullins
Emeritus Professor of Housing Policy

Jessica Pykett
Senior Lecturer in Human Geography
School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences

External associate members

Stefan Angel
Assistant Professor of Social Policy
Vienna University for Economics and Business

Lindsey Appleyard
Assistant Professor
Faculty Research Centre for Business in Society,
Coventry University

Sally Antrobus
Senior ATT Tutor 
Accountancy Learning

Bernadene de Clercq
Department of Taxation
University of South Africa

Julia Cook
University of Newcastle, Australia

Sara Closs-Davies
Bangor Business School 
University of Bangor, Wales

Dalton Conley 
Professor of Sociology
Princeton University

Oana Druta
Assistant Professor
Department of Built Environment, 
Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands

Susanne Espenlaub
Manchester Business School,
University of Manchester

Jodi Gardner
Lecturer in Law
St John’s College, University of Cambridge

Damon Gibbons
Centre for Responsible Credit

Lee Gregory
Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Nottingham

Irni Rahmayani Johan
Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Indonesia

Richard Lang
Institute for Innovation Management 
Johannes Kepler University in Austria

Margaret May 
Honorary Research Fellow
School of Social Policy

Neil McHugh
Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health
Glasgow Caledonian University

Stephen McKay 
Distinguished Professor of Social Research
School of Social and Political Science, University of Lincoln

John Moss
Chartered Financial Advisor

Rajiv Prabhakar
Lecturer in Personal Finance
Open University

David Rothwell
Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Sciences
Oregon State University

Professor Karen Rowlingson
Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Professor of Social Policy
University of York

Michael Sherraden 
Washington University in St Louis

Stuart Stamp
Independent Social Researcher
Maynooth University

Andy Summers 
Assistant Professor of Law
London School of Economics

CHASM Core Group staff