Next Generation Biotechnology

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We are synthesising novel hydrogels, tissue scaffolds, and smart biomaterials to aid tissue restoration and regeneration. We are using photobiomodulation, photochemistry and concentrated ultrasound to target and treat inflammatory and degenerative diseases. We are evolving state of the art imaging techniques to reveal novel biological processes and to improve diagnosis of cancers and cardiovascular disease. We are pioneering nanotechnology and nanomaterials to improve targeted drug delivery. We are generating in silico systems to model biological disease and predict drug efficacy and safety. This work is supported by a range of world leading research facilities

Dr Andrew HolmesTheme Lead
Dr Andrew Holmes

Lecturer in Cardiac and Respiratory Physiology

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Research Groups

PI: Dr Hanene Ali-Boucetta Synthesis of carbon nanotubes and delivery vectors for targeted cancer therapy

PI: Dr Hannah Batchelor Developing in silico models for predicting drug efficacy in paediatric patients

PI: Dr Joanna Batt Investigating the interactions between epithelial cells and titanium products

PI: Dr Keith Brain Novel in silico models and live-cell fluorescence imaging to investigate autonomic neuropharmacology

PI: Dr Giovanni Bottegoni Generation of in silico models to aid drug design and polypharmacology

PI: Dr Josette Camilleri Creation of second generation biomaterials for restorative dental care

PI: Professor Iain Chapple New methods for detection of novel diagnostic biomarkers for periodontitis

PI: Professor Jamie Coleman Pioneering ePrescribing in the medical profession

PI: Professor Paul Cooper  Application of photobiomodulation to promote tissue repair and reduce inflammation and micro-computed tomography (CT) to explore tooth and bone architecture

PI: Dr Melissa Grant Using biosensor technology to detect novel biomarkers associated with periodontitis

PI: Dr Katarzyna Gurzawska Synthesis of bone substitute materials with osteogenic and anti-inflammatory properties

PI: Dr Mohammed Hadis Applying light energy for spatial and temporal control of polymerisation reactions

PI: Dr Lisa Hill  New ocular drug delivery technologies for glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration

PI: Dr Michael Hofmann Novel cementitious biomaterials for orthopaedic and dental application

PI: Dr Andrew Holmes Super-resolution imaging of ion channels and GPCRs to identify cell-signalling microdomains

PI: Dr Richard Horniblow Development of colon-targeted synbiotics using prebiotic fibres as an encapsulation matrix

PI: Dr Alan Jones Novel and enabling electrosynthetic routes to small molecules

PI: Dr Marie-Christine Jones  Nanotechnology to improve targeted drug delivery

PI: Professor Balvinder Khambay 3D motion capture (4D) stereophotogrammetry for the assessment and correction of facial deformity

PI: Professor Will Palin  Creating and testing new light therapies for use in dentistry and medicine and the discovery of photoactive biomaterials and improving photoinitiator systems for dental and novel medical applications

PI: Dr Gowsihan Poologasundarampillai Creating novel hybrid bio-inks for 3D bioprinting and using bioactive glass and hybrid scaffolds for hard and soft tissue regeneration

PI: Dr Isolda Romero-Canelón Generation of novel precious-metal complexes that can manipulate the redox state of cancer cells

PI: Dr Kimberley Roper Using photochemistry to make or activate novel drug molecules

PI: Dr Rachel Sammons Modification of titanium and hydroxyapatite surfaces for prevention of bacterial attachment and proliferation.

PI: Dr Richard Shelton Creating hydrogels and tissue scaffolds for potential replacement and/or regeneration of bone

PI: Dr Robert Stephenson State-of-the-art non-destructive 3D imaging techniques to visualise the cardiac conduction system

PI: Dr Phillip Tomson  Analysis of ultrasonic tips for root end preparation using Laser Scanning Vibrometrics

PI: Professor Damien Walmsley Generation and development of new ultrasonic drills for clinical practice

PI: Dr Sarah Waring Digital image analysis and development of prognostic models for oral cancers