Previous events


  • 5th December - 'Recovering the Amateur Tradition in Translation of Classical Literature'
  • 28th November - 'Images of Race in Early Modern Russia'
  • 21st November - 'History as Diplomacy: Emanuel van Meteren's Historia Belgica and International Relations in the Early Seventeenth Century'.
  • 14th November - 'Absent Objects: Lost Property in London's Long Eighteenth Century'
  • 31st October - 'Growing up dramatically at Oxford and Cambridge: the role of theatre in the seventeenth-century university experience'
  • 17th October - Reading in Crisis: Francis Russell's reading practices and the beginnings of the Thirty Years' War
  • 3rd May-5th July - The Material Body, 1500-1900: A Conference of Archaeologists and Historians
  • 26th April - Medieval Nonhumanisms: A Sketch of a Nonsystematic Approach to Medieval Animal Studies
  • 21st March - Kindness to cruelty, stage to sermon: PhD research in CREMS
  • 14th March - Luther, Death and Popery
  • 7th March - CANCELLED! Gender, power, religion: building networks in post-Reformation England
  • 28th February - Postgraduate Showcase
  • 21st February - Translating the Bible after the Reformation: Humanism, Theology, Vernacular Religion
  • 13th February - Medical Humanities and Medieval Literature? Voices, Breath, Feeling
  • 7th February - Rabbits, whigs and hunters: women and protest in Mary Toft's rabbit births of 1726
  • 24th January - Annual Medieval and Early Modern lecture
  • 10th January - Work and social relations in England, 1500-1640


  • 6th December - Self, Personhood, Ego-history: roundtable
  • 6th December - Self, Personhood and Ego-history
  • 22nd November - Contextualising late-sixteenth century ale-house protesters
  • 8th November - Mining the margins: reading readers' marks in non-Shakespearean playbooks
  • 25th October - Beyond Influence (Du Bartas, James VI, Bradstreet)
  • 11th October - The Economy of Judgements: Book Talk, Scarcity, and the Production of Dissensus in Early Modern Europe
  • 4th October - Here there be spiders: arachnophobia in early medieval texts
  • 30th June - The Late Medieval and Early Modern Reformation Church
  • 20th May - The Faith of William Shakespeare
  • 25th April - Strategy and peace-making in the Thirty Years War
  • 19th April - Shakespeare's Lost Domesticity and the Mulberries of New Place
  • 29th March - Crusade in Europe: The 'Home Front' of Holy War in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centurie
  • 15th March - Remapping Elizabethan Reality: The Perception Revolution
  • 1st March - Cold Lazarus: John Donne at the Funerals of Sir William Cokayne
  • 8th February - The Making of a Puritan Mind
  • 6th February - Temporalization of cultural difference: Time regime and the perception of Indian statehood in early modern German discourse
  • 6th February - Temporalization of cultural difference: Time regime and the perception of Indian statehood in early modern German discourse
  • 25th January - Acting amiss: towards a history of actorly craft and playhouse judgement
  • 11th January - Voices of angels and men: religious identity and pilgrimage to the Mont Saint-Michel in 16th and 17th century France


  • 30th November - Creating Counter-Archives: English Catholic collecting and conversation
  • 9th November - CREMS Research Roundtable
  • 26th October - Things, People, Stories – a cultural history of a Cathedral yard
  • 12th October - Reading Rude Rhymes: Quick Wit, Epigrams, and Satirical Verse, 1660-1740
  • 28th-30th September - Amiable Angelica: An American Aristocrat in Revolutionary London
  • 25th June - Green Britain - nationhood and the environment 1500-1750
  • 16th March - "formed on ye Gr. Language": Benjamin Stillingfleet reads Paradise Lost
  • 2nd March - Rediscovering Cabot: the Bristol voyages of discovery, c.1470-1508
  • 10th February - The printing of Andrew Marvell's Miscellaneous Poems (1681)


  • 2nd December - Assassination in Churches in Early Modern Europe
  • 25th November - Tamburlaine's Gold
  • 11th November - CREMS Introduction Session
  • 28th October - The Invention of Happiness
  • 14th October - Godly Sorrow and the Protestant Imitatio Christi
  • 18th March - The transatlantic context of the Salem witch trials
  • 4th March - Shakespeare on the brink of freedom
  • 11th February - Defining loyalty, redefining reformation: understanding conflict from Scottish pulpits, 1638-1660
  • 28th January - A Byrde of dyvers colors: a newly discovered Elizabethan romance in the Conway Papers
  • 14th January - Language vs. Layout? Form and format in pre-periodical printed news translation


  • 3rd December - 'A country life assists this study best': Robert Matthews and a new source for Katherine Philips
  • 19th November - Confessional Coexistence under Military Occupation in Seventeenth Century Germany
  • 29th October - CREMS Annual Lecture
  • 15th October - Global houses, global homes: mobility and migration in the long eighteenth century
  • 1st-6th October - What is 'evil' in Paradise Lost?
  • 28th June - Cultural production in the early modern household
  • 19th March - Title to be confirmed
  • 5th March - 'Begun at Westminster and ended at Wirksworth' : hearing sermons in town and country in the 1640s
  • 29th January - Rochester at Rhyme
  • 15th January - "How happy's the state where no discords are breeding": Harmony and the Politopop of later seventeenth-century England


  • 4th December - Will-making on the deathbed in Stratford-upon-Avon, c. 1540 – 1640
  • 20th November - Editing as a Critical Act: Reading The Complete Poetry of Robert Herrick
  • 30th October - CREMS Annual Lecture
  • 16th October - "Sua Sall You Tak New Troy": A New Sonnet and Jacobean Literary Culture Before 1603
  • 2nd October - Secrets and spies: transgressing boundaries in sixteenth-century
  • 26th-28th June - Sin and Salvation in Reformation England
  • 2nd May - Getting Grants, Getting Published and Staying Sane? Life After the PhD


  • 28th November - Early Modern Literature, Culture, and Society seminar
  • 14th November - Early Modern Literature, Culture, and Society seminar
  • 24th October - CREMS Annual Lecture
  • 10th October - Early Modern Literature, Culture, and Society seminar
  • 26th September - Early Modern Literature, Culture, and Society seminar
  • 9th June - New Directions in Catholic Reformation Research
  • 14th March - Early Modern Literature, Culture, and Society Seminar
  • 29th February - Early Modern Literature, Culture and Society seminar


  • 30th November - Gardening networks and exchanges: the notebooks and correspondences of Sir Thomas Hanmer of Bettisfield