Centre for Reformation and Early Modern Studies

The Centre for Reformation and Early Modern Studies (CREMS) is a centre of excellence at the University of Birmingham for interdisciplinary research into the history of the Reformation and early modern Britain and Europe.



01 November 2018

10 place rise in THE World University Rankings 2019

We are now ranked 70 in the subject ranking for arts and humanities, which covers art, performing arts, design, languages, literature, linguistics, history, philosophy, theology, architecture and archaeology.

21 May 2018

Recreating New Place: Behind-the-Scenes

Recent changes to the Shakespeare New Place house model have been spearheaded by period interpreter Phil Watson, the designer of the new vinyl adhesives that have been added.

04 May 2018

Public engagement in CREMS

CREMS researchers are actively participating in a range of knowledge exchange and public engagement activities hosted by the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement.

26 April 2018

Introducing Manuscript Pamphleteering in Early Stuart England

Before the outbreak of the Civil War in 1642, England developed a large, influential and often radical pamphlet literature. Speeches, learned briefs, and scaffold apologies joined character assassinations, secret histories and conspiracy theories in a jumbled literary underground. Our two-day interdisciplinary conference will explore the scope and significance of this literature, considering both the scale and significance of scribal production in a period of political, religious and social turmoil.

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