The Centre for Research in Race and Education - CRRE

Based in the School of Education, CRRE conducts world class research on racism and race inequality in education.

CRRE is working to close gaps in educational achievement and improve the educational experiences and career outcomes of Black and minority ethnic people.

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Big Number, Racism and Lying with Numbers

BME flight from UK HE: inclusion and equity

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Bhopal, Kalwant (2018) White Privilege: the myth of a post-racial society. Bristol: Policy Press. 

Crawford, Claire E.  (2019) The one-in-ten: quantitative Critical Race Theory and the education of the ‘new (white) oppressed’, Journal of Education Policy, 34:3, 423-444, DOI:10.1080/02680939.2018.1531314 

Gholami, R. & Sreberny, A. (2018) “Integration, Class and Secularism: the Marginalization of Shia Identities in the UK Iranian Diaspora,” Journal of Contemporary Islam. 

Gillborn, David (2018) Heads I Win, Tails You Lose: Anti-Black Racism as Fluid, Relentless, Individual and Systemic, Peabody Journal of Education, 93(1): 66-77. DOI: 10.1080/0161956X.2017.1403178 

Kiwan, D. (2017). ‘Emotive acts of citizenship, social change and knowledge production in Lebanon’, Interface, 9(2), 114-142.

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