MOONLIGHT: Screening Black Queer Youth

The Carroll - Muirhead Tower (G15) - University of Birmingham
Tuesday 26 April 2022 (17:00-20:00)

Please contact Professor Rob Stone for further details -

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MOONLIGHT: Screening Black Queer Youth - Guest lecture and screening of MOONLIGHT (Jenkins 2016) with Dr Maria Flood (Liverpool), author of ‘Moonlight: Screening Black Queer Youth’ (Routledge 2021). 

Co-organised by B-Film and The Centre for the Study of North America. Introduced by Dr Rona Cran and Professor Rob Stone

Content Information: The film is suitable for young adults+. It contains intense subjects, including growing up in extreme poverty with a drug-addicted mom, drug dealing, bullying, and prison time. Scenes include drug use (crack cocaine and weed) and social drinking.

No booking required.

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