Factory in a Box

Research from the Birmingham Energy Institute has been applied to create a Factory in a Box (FIAB). This FIAB is a rapidly deployable, remotely managed, modular manufacturing supply chain network enabled by industrial digital technologies.

Photo of worker wearing a hard hat working on factory equipment to represent the Factory in a Box projectSupported by ERA and delivered by the Manufacturing Technology Centre this FIAB allows automated, autonomous, intelligent manufacturing processes to be accessed at an affordable cost to SMEs and has the potential to revolutionise the innovation pipe line in the UK, where the transition to scale up and manufacture has often been a pinch point.

Professor Martin Freer, Director of the Birmingham Energy Institute explains; “this FIAB really is a breakthrough for small companies who have been on a R&D journey that has optimised the Technology Readiness Level of a product, but do not have manufacturing skills or expertise to scale up”.

BBC Midlands Today 22.07.2019 - Factory in a Box

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