Women's Political Participation

Solutions discussed:

Enact and implement policies that foster support for women's political participation

These include policies that promote the provision of maternity and paternity leave which reduce the burden of care work on women, preventing them from participating in politics. The provision of onsite childcare facilities in government and the private sector to allow for flexibility of work, as well as allowing working from home.

Presented by: Rainatou Sow

Provision of quotas for women participation in politics

Quotas are an example of affirmative action, enabling greater participation of women in politics. In Uganda, this led to 34% of parliament seats being held by women in Uganda. in Rwanda, a 30% quota for women in elected positions was set and this led to 64% of seats being taken by women in the 2013 election.

Presented by: Winnie Byanyima

Political Quotas in Representing Rwandan Citizen

Early education on gender equality

Provision of early education on gender equality from pre-school level to address the stereotypes associated with gender roles.

Presented by: Preet Gill