European Lecture Tour of Professor Trybus

In November 2016 IEL Director Professsor Martin Trybus returned from a lecture tour of the European mainland.



On 18 November 2016 he delivered a keynote address entitled “Never finished? The Continuing Reform of European Procurement Law” at the Annual Law Conference of the Institute of Legal Studies at the Hungarian Academy of Science held at the law faculty of ELTE in Budapest. His address was followed by a panel with Hungarian colleagues discussing public procurement reform in Hungary. On the same day, he delivered a lecture of EU law aspects of procurement regulation at the Executive Course on Public Procurement at Mathias Corvinus University in Budapest.


In the morning of 21 November 2016 Professor Trybus met with the Contracts Team of the Austrian Ministry of Defence in Vienna for an exchange of ideas before delivering a lecture and workshop session on the legal background of defence procurement in the EU at the expert course of the European Defence Agency hosted by the Austrian Defence Academy in the afternoon.


Then in the morning of the 22 November 2016 Professor Trybus delivered a paper with the title: “Article 346 TFEU and the Defence Directive: an emergency break?” at the Defence Day of the Nordic Procurement Forum in Copenhagen before moving to the University of Copenhagen to deliver a paper on "The regulatory framework of Article 346 TFEU and Directive 2009/81/EC" at a conference organised by the CEVIA (Centre of Enterprise Liability) Institute on Private actors as providers of welfare and security services. Then finally on the 23 November Professor Trybus chaired the Nordic Procurement Forum.