Call for Applications – DAAD Research Visits to the UK: 'Futures of German Diasporas'

The Institute for German and European Studies (IGES) at the University of Birmingham, as well as the University of Lancaster and Durham University, invite Germany-based early-career scholars and doctoral students working on German diasporas in history and today, to spend six weeks for research purposes in the UK.

Since the EU referendum of 2016, the rights and legal status of EU citizens in the UK have received considerable scholarly attention. For many German citizens living in the UK, Brexit has called any certainty of the future into question. The interdisciplinary visiting-scholar programme ‘Futures of German Diasporas’ aims to bring into a common frame different disciplinary approaches to the study of diaspora communities’ expectations towards their individual futures and towards the future of their relationship with the state and society they live in. The programme should thus initiate a sustained conversation between Germany- and UK-based scholars about German diasporas in times of profound change across modern history and across the globe. The programme promotes an inclusive understanding of diasporas by highlighting aspects such as race and gender and by discussing German cases in a relationship with other European and non-European diasporas. Such comparisons with socially idiosyncratic German-speaking communities abroad, such as 19th century German settlers in the Americas or in Eastern Europe, and with other European diasporas, such as today’s Polish community in the UK, will significantly enhance our understanding of the specific social and demographic structure, the self-understanding, and the ‘Germanness’ of today’s German communities both in the UK and the wider world.

Invited researchers will visit the Institute for German and European Studies (IGES), but can also spend up to 50% of their stay at Durham University or the University of Lancaster. During their stay at Birmingham, the researchers will receive a status as visiting scholars. They will be actively integrated into the IGES’s research environment and provided with access to the library, to workspace in the university’s research suite, and to other campus facilities. Invited researchers will be asked to present their research and contribute either an interview to the new Channel Crossings podcast or an article to a thematic journal issue.

Invited researchers will receive a maximum of EUR 250 towards travel costs to the UK.

  • Post-doctoral researchers will be reimbursed costs for accommodation for the duration of six weeks (up to a maximum of EUR 1,900).
  • Doctoral students will receive a scholarship of EUR 2,225 for the duration of six weeks.

Applicants should send a proposal detailing their research project (maximum 500 words), including their preferred host institutions, as well as a short CV (maximum of two pages) and the name of a referee to the director of the IGES, Dr Klaus Richter ( The deadline for applications is 28 February 2022.