Lymphocyte interactions in the liver microenvironment

Group leader: Dr Zania Stamataki


Dr. Stamataki's research group are interested in how the liver microenvironment affects T cell and B cell function.

A delicate balance is reached in the liver in health, where lymphocytes successfully eliminate infection and tumours, while causing minimal damage to liver tissues in the process. In chronic inflammation, these processes are no longer regulated appropriately and this can lead to progressive liver damage requiring a transplant. 

Chronic liver diseases of multiple aetiologies are rising in incidence worldwide, and are a pressing unmet need for therapeutics. 

Based in one of the largest liver transplant centres in Europe, we study lymphocytes from blood, liver and secondary lymphoid tissues from patients with autoimmunity, dietary injury (fatty diet, alcohol abuse) or virus infections. 

Our experiments provide insight in the successes and failures of B and T cells in these conditions, with a view to develop therapeutic interventions. 

Our research group


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