Immunity and Inflammation in the Visual System

Group leads: Philip Murray, John Curnow, Saaeha Rauz, Graham Wallace

Our research theme encompasses inflammatory mechanisms in the ocular environment including the orbit and visual pathways. We are particularly interested in translational research investigating immune and inflammatory processes in multi-systemic disease such as immune-mediated ocular surface disease, uveitis, scleritis, Sjögren’s syndrome, Behçet’s disease, thyroid associated ophthalmopathy and multiple sclerosis.

Our laboratory work focuses on  

  • The cellular, molecular and metabolic basis for the maintenance of immune privilege particularly in the eye and the brain
  • The cellular and genetic basis for the onset, progression and outcome of inflammation in these sites.

Major interests of the group include the balance between inflammatory and regulatory cells, hormone and steroid control of inflammation, and genetic polymorphisms in inflammatory genes.

Research group staff members

Philip Murray (group lead) 
John Curnow (group lead) 
Saaeha Rauz (group lead) 
Graham Wallace (group lead)

Alastair Denniston
Paul Tomlins
Ann Logan
John Hamburger
Ram Malladi
Paul Cooper
Paul Stewart