IMH Webinar - Research into Experiences of Eating Disorders and Recovery

Monday 6 June 2022 (13:00-14:00)

Caroline Durbin at

IMH Webinar Feb22
Jwana Aziz and Rosie Pendrous

Research into Experiences of Eating Disorders and Recovery


What is bigorexia? A look in to male mental health with Jwana Aziz

Current research has reported on amplified feelings of anxiety, depression, and shame in relation to negative body image among young males in the U.K. This presentation focuses on “bigorexia”, a form of eating disorder predominantly affecting adult and adolescent males. It aims to contextualize bigorexia, among the wider spectrum of male mental health, in terms of socio-political and economic changes as well as the possible influences of social media.   

Jwana Aziz has recently completed her Ph.D. in Communication (UPF). Her work focuses on the implications of socia media use on body image concerns among adolescent males. She is interested in using qualitative research to examine how current communication, global and political practices are shaping male mental health and eating disorders.

Exploring psychological recovery from an eating disorder: Reflections from online research with Rosie Pendrous 

Understanding recovery is a key challenge in eating disorder research. In this presentation, I will present a snapshot of some results and discuss our researchers’ reflections on the challenges – such as measurement and recruitment challenges – of conducting online research to explore the psychological characteristics of eating disorder recovery. 

Rosie Pendrous currently works as a Research Fellow in the Institute of Applied Health Research at the University of Birmingham. In this role, she is supporting work on the SHINE study, a project which aims to explore self-harm in young people with an eating disorder. Rosie is also studying part-time for a PhD in Psychology at the University of Chester.

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