IMH Webinar with Dr Sophie Sowden

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Monday 16 May 2022 (13:00-14:00)

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The U21 Autism Research Network: Lessons learnt and preliminary findings from the first 2 years of the network

With Dr Sophie Sowden, Lecturer of Psychology

The U21 Autism Research Network (ARN) is a network set up with funds from the Universitas-21 Researcher Resilience Fund (2020), bringing together multiple autism research groups from around the world. We aim to make a starting point in addressing challenges to collaboration across borders as well as the lack of diversity and inclusion in autism research.

This seminar will cover the lessons learnt (via digital international collaboration and an online public engagement event) and preliminary findings (regarding global autism-related language preferences and global perspectives on autism acceptance and mental health difficulties in autistic adults) from the first 2 years of the network. 

About the speaker

Dr Sophie Sowden is a Lecturer of Psychology in the School of Psychology at the University of Birmingham.

Sophie is an experimental psychologist and the Principal Investigator of the U21 Autism Research Network. She is interested in social cognition across the lifespan as well as in a range of clinical conditions including autism, conduct disorder and Parkinson’s Disease, and takes a cross-cultural approach to her research.

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