Institute of Microbiology and Infection

Tackling the global challenge of infectious diseases for the benefit of society

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Research areas

  • The human microbiome

    Aiming to understand how complex microbial communities within the body influence host health and the spread of antibiotic resistance.

  • Microbial genomics

    From genomic epidemiology of infectious agents, to evolutionary genomics of pathogens, we are host to world-renowned microbial genomics.

  • Molecular microbiology

    Revealing life’s secrets by examining the individual parts making up a microbial cell; this has the ultimate goal of revealing how each component works and interacts


Latest News

18 April 2019

Funding success for early career researchers

Four researchers from the College of Medical and Dental Sciences have received funding from the Academy of Medical Sciences, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions and Cancer Research UK to further their scientific endeavours.

03 April 2019

BactiVac hosts successful 2nd Annual Network Meeting

The 2nd Annual Network Meeting, held in March, gave those attending opportunities to broaden connections within the BactiVac Network membership and a forum for exchanging ideas and furthering research possibilities.

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