MaMoGH: multimedia centre

Sugar cane
Cut sugar cane stems in the Philippines

This page features videos on the global world of monoculture and some other topics. They serve as a multimedia digest to the work of the research group over the project’s five years.

The Making of Monoculture

This video of April 2021 provides an overview of the nascent project.

A global history of monoculture

 In 2018, Frank Uekötter was invited to speak at Nobel Conference 54, which was dedicated to the living soil. The presentation reflected on how to approach soils from a historical perspective and outlined an agenda for the environmental humanities. 

Contemporary History Intervention

Frank Uekötter was convener of the Contemporary History MA before the start of this ERC project. When the pandemic forced all teaching into the virtual ether in January 2021, Frank started a weekly broadcast on a matter of the day. Topics were diverse, but they all revolved around one guiding question: what can contemporary historians add to our conversation on contemporary issues? Frank will record a weekly Contemporary History Intervention (CHI) during the 2021/22 academic year. Topics do not always relate to the ERC project in an obvious manner, but they explore the context of a rapidly changing world. As an added benefit, CHI helps to counter the tendency of every large research project to succumb to intellectual monoculture.


Why we should be talking about the current political crisis in Austria


The EU history uncertainty principle and the mystery of negotiations


Whatever happened to the neoliberal faith in markets?