Sustainable Environments

What will be the future of places - our cities and our environment? How will our we design the smart cities of the future? How do we ensure food and water security across the world? What impact is climate change having on our environment?

How can we predict the fate of forests in a warmer world?

Scientists are still unsure how much carbon trees will be able to store in the future. Will they absorb more out of the atmosphere as CO2 levels rise or could they be overwhelmed?

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How can we deliver sustainable, clean and affordable cold chains?

Energy demand for cooling, particularly for food, is projected to nearly triple by 2050 posing a catastrophic threat to our environment. Moving towards greener electricity is only part of the answer. The Birmingham Energy Institute is looking for novel solutions to drive sustainable cooling.

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How can we improve and maintain urban metabolisms for generations to come?

A number of news outlets have suggested that young people are increasingly unaware about where their food comes from. It is claimed that children and young people are no longer engaging with nature, nor are they curious about how the natural environment works. Professor Peter Kraftl conducts research with young people across the globe and believes that such headlines fail to reflect diverse realities.

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How do you ensure action on air pollution doesn’t lead to unanticipated consequences?

From London to Guangzhou, Nepal to Rwanda, air pollution is rising up the political agenda as evidence of its far-reaching health consequences increases. Data on air pollution is improving but the data is worrying; population-dense locations around the globe have unsafe levels of particulates. While better data is critical, alone it is not enough to make for change. Understanding the real-world impacts of vaunted pollution solutions is key.

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If air pollution science won’t achieve change on it’s own, what will?

Air quality is a central battlefield in the struggle to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals as economic growth and industrialisation threaten to undermine health and well being for the masses. Understanding the causes of air pollution requires a broad range of disciplines if we are to understand where air pollution comes from, and what can be done about it.


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