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Securing rare earths list image

Securing rare earths

Our most important technologies depend on raw materials that are not evenly distributed around the world. Elements are at risk of supply disruptions, leaving import-dependent countries like the UK vulnerable.

Clean cold chains list image

Clean cold chains

Energy demand for cooling, particularly for food, is projected to nearly triple by 2050 posing a catastrophic threat to our environment.

Food security list image

Food security

Experts at the University are helping to reduce the threat to humanity from food insecurity by safeguarding agrobiodiversity and improving its availability for crop enhancement.

Microplastics list image


Experts at the University of Birmingham are investigating the scale and impact of microplastics - and whether their properties could even be harnessed for environmental and human benefit.

Sustainable Livelihoods list image

Sustainable Livelihoods

From illegal poaching to the unsustainable plunder of fisheries, efforts are being made to end these practices - but who is making decisions on how to do that and based on what evidence?

Urban Metabolisms list image

Urban Metabolisms

With a growing global population and rapid city expansion, there's increased pressure on 'urban metabolisms'. Professor Peter Kraftl uses the voices of young people to maintain and improve these for future generations.

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