The conference will bring together professionals from industry and education to explore collaborative opportunities to develop and deliver High Speed Rail (HSR) globally. Through an exciting programme of keynote speeches, paper and poster presentations, panel discussions and networking, delegates will share knowledge on current research, initiatives and best practice, and tackle the challenges facing each sector. 

A basic outline of the programme is given below. A more detailed programme will be released in due course. The virtual poster session and exhibition space will be accessible throughout the conference. 

Monday 14 December 2020: Research 

Day 1 will focus on how HSR is enabling education; showcasing a diverse range of research outputs and presenting industry-relevant future research directions: 

  • Keynotes 

  • Research showcase: HSR and environment, HSR and economic development, and infrastructure and rolling stock 

  • Research challenge round-table: economics, climate change and resilience, power and emissions, integration and access, and digitalisation 

Tuesday 15 December 2020: Education and Training

Day 2 will focus on how education is enabling HSR; exemplifying education and training best practice to support HSR delivery and exploring the educational needs of the industry: 

  • Keynotes 

  • Education showcase: innovative approaches to railway education, training, or knowledge transfer; international practice in railway education and training; education informed by railway research. 

  • Education challenge round-table: sustainable staffing, skills training, digitalisation, equality, diversity and inclusion, and internationalisation

Wednesday 16th December 2020: Collaboration 

Day 3 will focus on collaboration between the two sectors. Keynotes will exemplify effective partnerships and the remainder of the day will be dedicated to networking. More details coming soon!