Birmingham Heroes Lecture: The Future of our Railways: embracing digital railway technology 

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Alumni, Engineering and Physical Sciences, Research
Tuesday 20th October 2015 (18:30-20:45) 


Railways around the world are having a renaissance. In Britain, CrossRail is under construction, with an extension to the existing lines already planned. Work on HS2 is moving forward, with plans in place for HS3 and beyond, and extensions to the London Underground are also proposed. Perhaps less in the public eye, but of similar importance, is the planned introduction of digital technologies to the British main line network, which has the potential to significantly improve capacity and customer satisfaction, while reducing energy consumption and whole life cycle costs.  Research being carried out at the University of Birmingham is underpinning the roll-out of innovative solutions in this area, which will improve railway systems in Britain, as well as developing a potentially strong export market, helping Britain to become a true world leader in digital railway technology.

In the fourth Birmingham Heroes lecture, Professor Clive Roberts, Director of the BCRRE, will present the research being carried out at the University in the area of improved railway control, timetabling, predictive maintenance technologies and energy efficiency.  Please join us for this lecture and drinks reception in the Gisbert Kapp Building on our Edgbaston campus on Tuesday 20 October from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.  Following the lecture, you will have the chance to take a tour of Professor Roberts' labs and network with fellow alumni over drinks.

Professor Clive Roberts' work is based around finding solutions for the railway industry that improve the overall efficiency of railway systems. Clive helps to ensure that rail remains an attractive option versus other modes of transport. His work combines simulation, measurement and analysis of problems in order to develop and assess new approaches and technology.

Clive works with many organisations around the world, including: the UK’s Department of Transport, Network Rail, Deutsche Bahn, Singapore Land Transit Authority and Japan Central Railways. His research helps railway companies gain a better understanding of their existing systems and the appropriateness of new approaches and technology. This work informs the specification of new train and railway system designs.This lecture is free of charge, however you may choose to make a gift to the University's Collaborative Teaching Laboratory project. Your support will help us this new state-of-the-art facility, which will bring together practical teaching activites across a broad range of science and engineering disciplines.  Please register using the link above.