Research in the College of Social Sciences

We address challenges confronting society and the economy, from shedding light on the refugee crisis, to providing a framework of character education in schools, through to developing leaders in the NHS.

Unfiltered Lives

We are telling the stories of real people whose lives have positively changed as a result of our research. Through photography and compelling stories, Unfiltered Lives goes beneath the surface to the heart of why our researchers do what they do.

    Areas of research

  • Business School

    We contribute to academic debate worldwide, with projects funded by the Research Councils, major trusts, professional institutions, government departments and the EU.

  • Education

    One of the largest research-led schools of education in the UK with a number of research centres as well as research groups.

  • Government and Society

    One of the leading UK and International centres for governance, politics, international development, public management, Russian and European studies.

  • Social Policy

    We make a practical difference in the real world through teaching, professional training, policy advice and our work with local communities, the public and the media.