Research degrees

Of central importance to our work is the relationship between teaching and research. Perhaps this is most obviously illustrated through the work undertaken by masters and PhD students. Each year we welcome professionals who wish to extend their Mandatory Qualification (MQ) for specialist teachers of children with vision impairment into a masters by undertaking research training and developing a research dissertation. 

We also welcome proposals to study for the award of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Students join a rich research environment in which they are supported to develop their research theses. Recent and current students include: 

Dr Önder İşlek (PhD) An investigation into the balance of the school curriculum content for pupils with vision impairment in Turkey 

Kubra Akbayrak (PhD) An investigation into the training programmes of specialist teachers of children and young people with vision impairments in Turkey and England. 

Rory Cobb (MPhil) Access to public examination by young people with vision impairment in England and Wales. 

Dr Sariat Adelakun (PhD) An exploration and development of teaching resources to better include students with visual impairment in science and mathematics classes in South-Western Nigeria: an action research study

Dr Helen Frank (EdD) An exploration of the learning experiences of visually impaired physiotherapy students in higher education in the UK. 

Dr Andrew Dodgeson (PhD) Rehabilitation workers’ perspectives of orientation and mobility training with older visually impaired people. 

Dr Sue Pavey (PhD) The provision of mobility and independence education to children with vision impairment in mainstream schools. 

Dr Shirley Evans (PhD) E-learning and blindness: evaluating the quality of the learning experience to inform policy and practice. 

Applicants for a research degree focusing on vision impairment should first identify their research interests and they are also encouraged to discuss their planned study with Professor Graeme Douglas on +44 (0)121 414 6736 or by email to: 

Further details about general research opportunities at the School of Education are available by viewing the Postgraduate Research page.

The School of Education also offer a number of other programmes across a range of SEN and Inclusion that may be relevant to your needs.