Homeworking during lockdown: what does it mean for inclusion and the future of work?

Friday 19 June (14:00) - Thursday 25 June 2020 (15:00)

During the Covid-19 UK lockdown many employees have been obliged to work from home and many employers have had to support staff to work from home sometimes for businesses which had previously discouraged flexible working.

New research undertaken jointly by the Work Autonomy, Flexibility and Work-Life Balance based at the University of Kent, and Equal Parenting Project at the University of Birmingham since the lockdown, was presented in this webinar which explores how employees have been coping with working from home, how their organisations have supported them during this time, what the impact has been on their work-life balance and sharing of unpaid work in the home and the impact on their attitudes to flexible working in the future.

Speakers included:

• Dr. Heejung Chung, Principal investigator of the Work Autonomy, Flexibility and Work Life balance Project, University of Kent
• Dr. Sarah Forbes, Co-Director of the Equal Parenting Project, University of Birmingham (WIRC member)
• Clare Sandling or Kiren Vadher, Head of the Gender Equality Policy Team at the Government Equalities Office
• Maxim Mukhin, People Experience Manager at Nationwide

This is a joint project from Equal Parenting Project based at the University of Birmingham and the Work, Autonomy, Flexiblity and Work-life Balance project based at the University of Kent.

Watch the Zoom recording.