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Future Events

  • Research Away Say - 23 June, 2023 Edgbaston Park Hotel

We will welcome a group of external expert faculty coming to Birmingham to work with us on our research. There will be dedicated small group advice and mentoring sessions.


  • Academy of Marketing Conference, 3-6 July 2023

The Department of Marketing at University of Birmingham would like to invite colleagues to submit their best and most exciting work to the 2023 Academy of Marketing Conference at Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham. Birmingham, the second city of the UK, tends to underplay its influence, power, and cultural history relative to the capital. Yet, Birmingham is located at the heart of the country and also the industrial revolution. The natural resources available in the local area, the canal network that allowed goods to move through the country and the diverse population attracted to the area as a result of colonial expansion, the availability of employment and incentives for migration, resulted in a culturally and materially rich city.


Previous events

Inaugural Meeting of the Marketing Innovations And Consumer Science Research Group

The Marketing Innovations and Consumer Science group seeks to identify and address challenges around responsible business that face our economy and our society today. As such, researchers in this group explore issues around responsibility and sustainability, innovation, and technology in mainstream marketing, with an emphasis on facilitating impact and policy change. Our members combine profound consumer (cognitive, psychological, and behavioural) understanding with extensive business knowledge, producing innovative insights and transformative marketing solutions that address applied marketing and societal challenges, aiming to optimize value-creation. Sustainability and responsible practices are central themes across our various research projects across marketing innovations and consumer science. Our research group studies areas such as the effects of cognitive processes on responsible decision making, carbon emissions, responsible consumption and others. Our research looks to increase both short- and long-term well-being for all marketing actors. 

Lunchtime seminars

Seminars will take place in the Library, University House, with lunch at 12:30pm and the seminar commencing at 13:00, unless otherwise stated.