Economic Resilience to Shocks: Implications for Labour Markets

Why are some places more resilient than others during economic shocks? This project focuses on the reasons behind the differential resilience performance of areas at the sub-national level. 

It has two main research strands:

  1. The first will use City-REDI’s Socio-Economic Impact Model for the UK (SEIM-UK) to test the implications of several shock scenarios (positive and negative) on regional labour markets in the UK.
  2. The second strand will undertake research to identify the influence of factors such as entrepreneurship, innovation, and the presence of universities and the embeddedness of local industrial structures on local economic resilience.


Research Theme 4

Local and Regional Economic Development


  • To identify the most significant sectors in local economies (NUTS2 level) using a range of methods (key sector, structural analysis on dependency and vulnerability, share of employment and GVA).
  • To develop a labour market module for the SEIM-UK to allow us to model labour demand by skill category.
  • To use the household disaggregation model developed for project 5D (Income Inequality, Policies and Inclusive Growth) to model the impact of labour market fluctuations by household type.
  • To run scenarios (co-created with stakeholders) on the impact of sectoral shocks in different local economies. These scenarios will examine the direct and spillover effects to the rest of the regions and national economy.
  • To undertake research on the determinants of local resilience performance by examining the effects of factors such as entrepreneurship, innovation, university performance and impact and local economic embeddedness.
  • To undertake research and provide insight on the 2020 COVID-19 emerging crisis.
  • To consider policies in enhancing resilience. 
  • To disseminate research findings and engage with stakeholders in fostering project legacy.

Research Team

Dr Tasos Kitsos – Project management & Research lead

Professor Raquel Ortega-Argiles – Theme lead

Josh Swan – Data Analyst

Ben Brittain – Policy Analyst


Project lead contact details: 

Dr Tasos Kitsos

Project support contact details: 

Matthew Patterson, Administrative Assistant, City-REDI / WMREDI 

WMREDI is funded by Research England and the WMREDI partnership

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