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When you join us in the School of Computer Science you will find a friendly, welcoming and supportive environment that will help you achieve the most from your degree. Our study spaces, student societies and enthusiastic staff create a place our students are proud to call home! 

Amy Pajak

The staff and students at the School of Computer Science were really welcoming and fun which made me certain I’d have no problem making friends once I started. For my Year in Industry I joined IBM in their Hursley labs for 12 months. The University has many resources which helped me secure this placement.

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Callum Kindred

I have enjoyed exploring different areas of Computer Science through the modules on my course. Outside of this, I have been an active member of student-led societies and sports clubs. The student support from the University has been excellent. This is something that has been particularly important during COVID-19.

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Lillian Breese-Tovey

Being at Birmingham gives you the advantages of both a campus university and a city university. Although the campus is in Edgbaston, I feel so connected to the city because it is only a 10-minute train ride away. From Grand Central, it is incredibly easy to travel anywhere in the rest of the country which is what makes Birmingham feel so connected.

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Rahul Gheewala

The course is designed to provide you with a thorough coverage of all core aspects of computer science, equipping you with all the necessary skills to enter industry. The University offers a wide range of core modules across two years, giving a deep insight into the multiple fields of computer science.

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Patrisia Pascan

When I first arrived in Birmingham, I felt so satisfied because that was where I knew I wanted to be. I never felt homesick for one moment, or terrified of what was going to be. I did feel insecure regarding the curriculum, as I had never done any coding before

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Sam Thomas

Geographically, Birmingham is ideally placed in the centre of England’s population and naturally has great infrastructure. Day/weekend trips to most of the major cities in Wales or England are easily possible and affordable.

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