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Useful Websites

The following websites offer more information and resources on Autism

National Autistic Society

Ambitious About Autism


Autism Education Trust

Academic Articles: Autism and Higher Education

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Blogs are a great way to understand the real life experiences of being autistic. Click on the blog titles below to open them in a new page.

Autism Education Trust

Musings of an Aspie

A list of 'Actually Autistic' bloggers



Like blogs, Podcasts offer the first person experience, but through an audio file which can be listened to on smartphones or digital music and multimedia players.

Trail Blazing Autism


BBC 1800 Seconds on Autism

Embracing Autism


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The University of Birmingham, Autism Centre for Education and Research (ACER) also has some excellent resources

Autism and Uni

The Autism&Uni resource is a European-funded initiative to help autistic students navigate the transition from school to university.


AuVision is an online resource intended for the use of all staff at the University of Birmingham. It is informed by the experiences of autistic students, who gave their views through the work of the AuVision project.

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