Speech Differences

Includes: Stammering/Stuttering, Cluttering, and Apraxia
My Stammering Tap
We are NOT nervous
Tips for Teachers with Abed Ahmed
Cluttering Speech (Animation): A 1-minute explanation
Symptoms of Cluttering Speech Explained
What is apraxia of speech?

Academic Articles: Speech Differences and Higher Education

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Blogs are a great way to understand the real life experiences of having speech differences. Click on the blog titles below to open them in a new page.

Redefining Stammering

STAMMA: Your Voice

Exeter University Stammering Support Group

Too Fast for Words

My Life with littles: Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Fighting for my Voice


Like blogs, Podcasts offer the first person experience, but through an audio file which can be listened to on smartphones or digital music and multimedia players.

STAMMA: Around the Block

STAMMA: Power Stammering

Stuttering Help

Stutter Talk


  • Stuttering Help free e-book
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