Dyspraxia / Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD)

Living with Dyspraxia
What Is It Like Having Dyspraxia? Zarah's Story

Useful websites

The following websites offer more information and resources on Dyspraxia/DCD

Dyspraxia Foundation

British Dyslexia Association: Dyspraxia

Movement Matters

Skills for Action

Academic articles: Dyspraxia/DCD and Higher Education

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Blogs are a great way to understand the real life experiences of having dyspraxia/DCD. Click on the blog titles below to open them in a new page.

All About Dyspraxia


Education Blog: my lived experience of dyspraxia

Dyspraxia Activist


Like blogs, Podcasts offer the first person experience, but through an audio file which can be listened to on smartphones or digital music and multimedia players.

The Two Dyspraxics

Neurodiversity Podcast: Two Conversations about Dyspraxia


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