Journals in the School of Education

Educational Review

@EdReviewEducational Review is a leading journal for generic educational research and scholarship. For over half a century it has offered authoritative reviews of current national and international issues in schooling and education. It publishes peer-reviewed papers from international contributors which report research across a range of education fields including curriculum, inclusive and special education, educational psychology, policy, management and international and comparative education. 

The editors welcome informed papers from new and established scholars which encourage and enhance academic debate. The journal offers five editions a year.  A regular feature of the journal is state-of-the-art reviews on issues across the educational spectrum. An extensive range of recently published books is reviewed. Readership is aimed at educationists, researchers, and policy makers.

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Race Ethnicity and Education

Race Ethnicity and EducationRace Ethnicity and Education (REE) is the leading peer-reviewed journal on racism and race inequality in education. REE provides a focal point for international scholarship, research and debate. It publishes original and challenging research that explores the dynamics of race, racism and ethnicity in education policy, theory and practice. The journal is essential reading for those working in this field and especially welcomes writing that addresses the interconnections between race, ethnicity and multiple forms of oppression including class, gender, sexuality and disability. Articles are independently refereed, following initial editorial screening, and the journal is supported by a distinguished international editorial panel.

Supported by the AERA Critical Examination of Race, Ethnicity, Class and Gender in Education Special Interest Group and the BERA ’Race’ Ethnicity and Education Special Interest Group.

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Whiteness and Education

Whiteness and Education publishes outstanding and original manuscripts that advance critical understandings of the construction and deployment of Whiteness in educational contexts. This includes, but is not limited to, critical discussions of White racism, White identity, privilege, power and intersectionality.

The journal welcomes papers that present that present empirical studies of Whiteness in education and/or advance theoretical and conceptual understanding of Whiteness in Education, via recognized qualitative and/or quantitative approaches and papers that challenge conventional methodologies. There are two issues each year.

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