About us

MOSAIC was established within the School of Education in April 2008 to provide a forum for the development of new, interdisciplinary lines of enquiry related to bilingualism/multilingualism, multilingual literacy, bilingual education, second language learning and contemporary discourses about linguistic and cultural diversity. Members of the Research Centre have been at the forefront of the development of these fields of research in the UK and internationally, through their empirical work and through their contributions to theory-building, and they have been particularly successful in attracting funding from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). They have also been active in promoting research on multilingualism, on second language learning, on language disability in bilingualism and on discourses about diversity in the wider research and professional community. Centre members are engaged in research which draws on different, inter-related strands of critical, social linguistics and on social theory, including linguistic ethnography, critical discourse analysis, new literacy studies and multimodal social semiotics.

The MOSAIC Research Centre welcomes links with other scholars, nationally and internationally. Each year a small number of academics are guests of MOSAIC in the School of Education and the aim is to continue to develop networks and relationships through these and other research links. For those interested in visiting Birmingham, please read the guidance on visiting scholars.

Current members of the Centre

Associate members of the centre

Jan Blommaert 
Babylon Center for the Study of Superdiversity, Tilburg University 

Monica Heller
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education 

Caroline Kerfoot
Centre for Research on Bilingualism, Stockholm University 

Maggie Kubanyiova  

Angel M. Y. Lin
University of Hong Kong 

Mbulungeni Madiba
University of Cape Town 

Amy B.M. Tsui
University of Hong Kong


For general enquiries, please email the administrator at mosaicadmin@contacts.bham.ac.uk