Conflict, Security and Statebuilding

A soldier looks upon an approaching car.IDD is one of the leading departments in the UK undertaking research on “Conflict, Security and Statebuilding”.

The department brings together staff and research students from across IDD who share an interest in the theory and practice of state-building in difficult, often conflict-affected, states, as well as the wider issues of conflict and security in the developing world. IDD is home of one of the leading scientific journals in this field, Civil Wars.  Our collective research is informed by field experience, and by a willingness to engage with and shape policy discussions on these issues, in the UK and beyond.

Postgraduate Researchers

Research Projects

Gendering historical memory: promoting gender equality through the experiences of female ex-combatants in Guatemala, Sanne Weber, Institute of Global Innovation, 2018

South-American native woman carrying a child on her backGendering reconciliation: Local reintegration from an international perspectiveSanne Weber, The Leverhulme Trust, 2018


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