CCCS stencilled occasional papers

Several occasional papers by members of the Centre were published. Links to these (in order of paper number) can be found below.*  

  1. Hall, Stuart (1973) "A 'Reading' of Marx's 1857 Introduction to the Grundrisse"
  2. Mellor, Adrian (1972) "Theories of Social Stratification: Key Concepts and Recent Developments"
  3. Johnson, Richard (c.1973) "The Blue Books and Education, 1816-1896: The Critical Reading of Official Sources"
  4. Hall, Stuart (1972) "External Influences on Broadcasting - 'The External-Internal Dialectic in Broadcasting: Television's Double-Bind'"
  5. Hall, Stuart (c.1973) "The 'Structured Communication' of Events"
  6. Barthes, Roland (1966) "Introduction to the Structural Analysis of the Narrative"
  7. Hall, Stuart (1973) "Encoding and Decoding in the Television Discourse"
  8. Morley, David (c.1973) "Industrial Conflict and the Mass Media"
  9. Morley, David (1974) "Reconceptualising the Media Audience: Towards an Ethnography of Audiences"
  10. Heck, Marina (1974) "The Ideological Dimension of Media Messages"
  11. Hall, Stuart (1971) "Deviancy, Politics and the Media"
  12. Jones, Bryn (c.1973) "The Politics of Popular Culture"
  13. Willis, Paul E. (c.1973) "Symbolism and Practice: A Theory for the Social Meaning of Pop Music"
  14. Clarke, John; Jefferson, Tony (1973) "The Politics of Popular Culture"
  15. Clarke, John; Critcher, Charles; et al. (1974) "The Selection of Evidence and the Avoidance of Racialism: A Critique of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Race Relations and Immigration"
  16. Hall, Stuart (1968) "The Hippies: An American 'Moment'"
  17. Jefferson, Tony; Clarke, John (1973) "Down These Mean Streets...The Meaning of Mugging"
  18. Clarke, John; Jefferson, Tony (1973) "Working Class Youth Cultures"
  19. Willis, Paul (1974) "Performance and Meaning: A Socio-Cultural View of Women in Sport"
  20. Hebdige, Dick (1974) "The Style of the Mods"
  21. Hebdige, Dick (1974) "The Kray Twins: A Study of a System of Closure"
  22. Jefferson, Tony (1973) "The Teds: A Political Resurrection"
  23. Clarke, John (c.1973) "The Skinheads and the Study of Youth Culture"
  24. Hebdige, Dick (c.1974) "Reggae Rastas and Rudies: Style and the Subversion of Form"
  25. Hebdige, Dick (c.1974) "Sub-Cultural Conflict and Criminal Performance in Fulham: Towards a Radical Theory of Role"
  26. Johnson, Richard (1975) "Peculiarities of the English Route: Barrington Moore, Perry Anderson and English Social Development" 
  27. Willis, Paul E. (c.1974) "Transition from School to Work: Bibliography"
  28. Roberts, Brian (1973) "Parent and Youth Culture: Alternative Views - A Critique of the Work of Cohen, Cloward and Ohlin, Sykes and Matza"
  29. Critcher, Charles (c.1974) "Football since The War: A Study in Social Change and Popular Culture"
  30. Tolson, Andrew (1975) "The Family in a 'Permissive Society'"
  31. Butcher, Helen; Coward, Ros; et al. (1974) "Images of Women in the Media" 
  32. Clarke, John (1975) "Framing the Arts: The Role of Cultural Institutions"
  33. Willis, Paul E. (1975) "Human Experience and Material Production: The Culture of the Shop Floor"
  34. Hall, Stuart (1975) "Television as a Medium and its Relation to Culture"
  35. Jefferson, Tony; Clarke, John (1975) "Mugging and Law 'n' Order" 
  36. Unavailable
  37. Hall, Stuart; Clarke, John; et al. (1975) "Newsmaking and Crime"
  38. Willis, Paul E. (1975) "The Main Reality: Transition from School to Work - Final Report"
  39. Critcher, Charles; Parker, Margaret; Sondhi, Ranjit (1975) "Race in the Provincial Press: A Case Study of Five West Midlands Newspapers"
  40. Taylor, Pam (1976) "Women Domestic Servants, 1919-1939: A Study of a Hidden Army, Illustrated by Servants' Own Recollected Experiences"
  41. Clarke, John (c.1976) "The Three Rs - Repression, Rescue and Rehabilitation"
  42. Clarke, John (1973) "Football, Hooliganism and the Skinheads"
  43. Willis, Paul E. (1975) "How Working Class Kids Get Working Class Jobs"
  44. Taylor, Pam; Brookes, Eve; et al. (1976) "A Critique of 'Community Studies' and its Role in Social Thought"
  45. McLennan, Gregor (1976) "'Ideology' and 'Consciousness': Some Problems in Marxist Historiography"
  46. Nice, Richard (c.1976) "Translation of Pierre Bourdieu: The Culture Field and the Economic Field"
  47. Green, Michael (1977) "Issues and Problems in the Decentralizing of Cultural Planning"
  48. Peters, Roy (1976) "Television Coverage of Sport"
  49. Unavailable
  50. Johnson, Richard; McLennan, Gregor; Schwarz, Bill (c.1977) "Economy, Culture and Concept: Three Approaches to Marxist History" 
  51. Lumley, Bob (1977) "Gramsci's Writings on the State and Hegemony, 1916-35 - A Critical Analysis"
  52. Finn, Dan; Grant, Neil; et al. (1977)"Social Democracy, Education and the Crisis"
  53. McRobbie, Angela (1978) "Jackie: An Ideology of Adolescent Femininity"
  54. Winship, Janice (1978) "Women at Work Bibliography"
  55. Jeffery, Tom (1978) "Mass Observation - A Short History"
  56. Johnson, Richard (1978) "Three Problematics: Elements of Theory in Working Class Culture"
  57. Moos, Merilyn (1979) "Government Youth Training Policy and its Impact on Further Education"
  58. Carby, Hazel (1979) "Multicultural Fictions"
  59. Winship, Janice (1980) "Advertising in Women's Magazines: 1956-74"
  60. Ryan, Helga Geyer (1980) "Popular Literature in the Third Reich: Observations on the 'Groschenroman'" 
  61. Unavailable
  62. Green, A.D. (1979) "On the Political Economy of Black Labour and the Racial Structuring of the Working Class in England"
  63. Critcher, Charles; et al. (c. 1981) "Fads and Fashions"
  64. Doyle, Brian (1981) "Some Uses of English: Denys Thompson and the Development of English in Secondary Schools"
  65. Winship, Janice (1980) "Woman Becomes an Individual - Femininity and Consumption in Women's Magazines 1954-1969"
  66. Lawrence, Errol (1981) "Common Sense, Racism and the Sociology of Race Relations"
  67. CCCS Popular Memory Group (1982) "What do we mean by Popular Memory?"
  68. Johnson, Mike (1982) "The Problem of 'Science' within English Marxism"
  69. Griffin, Christine (1982) "Cultures of Femininity: Romance Revisited"
  70. Griffin, Christine (1982) "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Images of Young Women in the Labour Market"
  71. Clarke, Gary (1982) "Defending Ski-Jumpers: A Critique of Theories of Youth Sub-Cultures"
  72. Media Group (c.1982) "Fighting Over Peace: Representations of CND in the Media, October 1981"
  73. Avis, James (1983) "Curriculum Innovation in F. E: A Case Study"
  74. Johnson, Richard (1983) "What is Cultural Studies Anyway?"
  75. Schwarz, Bill (1984) "Constitutionalism and Extraparliamentary Action: Socialism and the Definition of Politics 1910-20"
  76. Griffin, Christine (1984) "Young Women and Work: The Transition from School to the Labour Market for Young Working Class Women"
  77. Clare, Mariette (1984) "Doris Lessing and Women's Appropriation of Science Fiction"
  78. Adams, Esther (c.1985) "Television and 'The North'"
  79. Hollands, Bob (c.1985) "Working for the Best Ethnography"
  80. Clare, Mariette (unknown) "Ideologies of Adult Literacy"
  81. Partington, Angela (1986) "Feminist Art and Avant-Gardism"
  82. Unavailable
  83. West, Bob (1985) "Danger! History at Work: A Critical Consumer's Guide to the Ironbridge Gorge Museum"
  84. Slough, Rebecca (1988) "Woman is Nature is Woman: Media Exploitation of the Greenham Metaphor"
  85. Pursehouse, Mark (1987) "'Life's more fun with your Number One Sun': Interviews with some Sun Readers"
  86. Cullis, Ann (c.1986) "Telling Tales: A Semio/graphy of Birmingham"
  87. Cullis, Ann (c.1986) "Telling Tales: A Semio/graphy of Birmingham"
  88. West, Bob (unknown) "We Three Kings: The Bradford Celebration of the 1937 Coronation"


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