Conferences and Lectures

The School of Mathematics hosts conferences and workshops, and one-off lectures, throughout the year. A list of upcoming and recent conferences and talks are given below.

Upcoming events

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Recent events


11th-12th December - Data-driven mechanistic models of complex biomedical systems

10th November - Recent Advances in Inverse Problems and Imaging, November 2023

7th November - School of Mathematics postdoc symposium, November 2023

3rd November - An autumn day of combinatorics, November 2023

21st-22nd September - Machine learning and simulation of stochastic dynamics with applications in materials science, September 2023

8th September - Intersections of String Theory and QFT IV, September 2023

24th-28th July - Algebraic Groups and Their Representations, July 2023

20th-21st July - British Early Career Mathematicians' Colloquium (BECMC), July 2023

19th-21st July - Random dispersive PDEs, July 2023

26th-27th June - Perturbations in Epilepsy, June 2023

26th-28th June - Aperiodic Order, Dynamics, Geometry and Numbers, June 2023

17th May - Interactions of Harmonic and Geometric Analysis, May 2023

16th May - LMS HAnPDE network meeting, May 2023

16th May - IMA Lecture: It's good to talk: mathematically modelling bacterial conversations - Mohit Dalwadi

4th-5th May - Non-equilibrium Molecular Dynamics: Algorithms, Analysis, and Applications, May 2023

27th April - A Mathematical Eye (IMA Presidential Address 2022)

27th-29th March - Postgraduate Combinatorial Conference, March 2023

23rd March - Interplay of partial differential equations and stochastic processes, March 2023

20th-24th March - N-CODE Study Group, March 2023, Cornwall

14th March - IMA Lecture: Modelling across scales and disciplines: from fertilization and embryogenesis to disease transmission - Katerina Kaouri

17th February - LMS Workshop on Tropical Mathematics, February 2023

7th February - IMA Lecture: From transport to energy, a tour of lessons learnt applying mathematics to industrial problems - Kieran Kalair