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Deciding on a university degree programme can be difficult. We think the best way to make this decision is to visit in person wherever possible. There are several opportunities throughout the year to visit us, aiming to offer you a greater perspective and the chance to make an informed choice.

Many students and parents visiting the campus during an open day

Visit us as an applicant

If you receive an offer to study Physics with us we will invite you to an Offer Holder Visit Day. These take place from November until the end of March. We suggest you book as soon as you can, as places are limited. From our experience these visits are invaluable in making your final decision between universities. Even if you have already attended an Open Day, this visit will provide an extra layer of depth and a chance to see the department during term time. You will have the opportunity to have in-depth conversations with academic staff and students as well as seeing the department, campus and student accommodation. If you have received an offer from us, but are unsure of how to register for a visit day, please contact the admissions tutor. 

If you live outside the UK and are unable to attend one of our visit days we are happy to work with you to ensure you have all the information you need. This could include arranging a separate visit to coincide with your travel plans, attending a virtual visit day or Skyping with admissions staff or current international students. 

AnishThe visit day was a real eye opener for me; it provided me with an insight into what the department and campus had to offer. It wasn't just the academic prospects which enticed me, as I was also drawn to the welcoming and comforting community of the University, one which I could easily see myself being part of. Plus Birmingham city centre provides endless activities to keep me busy, from shopping to pubs and clubs! Looking back now, my time here has definitely exceeded my expectations and I have really felt at home here; I am enthusiastic for what the future holds for me at Birmingham!

Anish - MSci Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics

Visit us as before you apply

Open Days

Our Undergraduate Open Days give you the perfect opportunity to hear first-hand from our current students and teaching staff about learning and living in Birmingham. 

  • Saturday 5 October 2024
  • Saturday 9 November 2024
Register for our 2024 Open Days

If you are unable to attend an open day we are happy to arrange an ad-hoc visit for enquirers. But please remember that you will be invited back to an Offer Holder Visit Day if you receive an offer from us. Visits must be arranged in advance as we can’t guarantee availability of our staff otherwise. Tuesday and Thursdays are preferred days of visits as this will allow you to take part in a bookable university tour.  Please contact the admissions tutor to arrange this type of visit. 

Visit us as a school pupil

We have a full programme of events for students who are not yet choosing between universities, but would like to visit the department. For details of our events for schools, visit our Schools Outreach pages.


Although you are welcome on campus any day between 09:00 and 16:00 to have a look around independently, to get the most from your visit please ensure you are registered or booked to visit us as we can't guarantee staff availability outside of scheduled visits.

For further information please contact us.