What our students say

When you join us in the School of Physics and Astronomy you will find a friendly, welcoming and supportive environment that will help you achieve the most from your degree. Our study spaces, student societies and enthusiastic staff create a place our students are proud to call home!

Alex - Physics MSci

The MSci Physics course really caught my attention when applying due to the quality of teaching which shone through at the Open Days. The best points of my course are learning from the excellent lecturers and using the best equipment in labs while constantly having my mind stretched and challenged by other students who love the subject as much as me. Physics is special because it’s so broad yet you can specialise in whatever you want. The course here is unbelievably personal which, combined with the expert staff in every possible field, means physics at Birmingham is a unique and extremely rewarding experience.

Alex Fryer

Abbie - Physics and Astrophysics MSci

I’ve always been interested in physics, but the thing that stood out most for me when applying to university was the atmosphere here. It was very friendly and vibrant, and the location is perfect for getting the most out of a big city without the concrete jungle. The best part about the course here is the mixture of lectures and smaller classes. It gives students the opportunity to learn in different ways, and practise skills in different settings. Labs are a good example of this. Those on the Astronomy course start astrolabs in the first year, which personally I found great, as I was learning something totally new which I was very interested in.

Abbie Nicholls

Thomas - Physics with Particle Physics and Cosmology MSci

The Physics course at Birmingham was the first course I read about that really excited me when making my UCAS application, and I haven’t been disappointed since! Every day is filled with new and interesting topics to learn about, taught by lecturers who are truly experts in their fields. I particularly like how the first two years are designed to give you a solid, broad understanding of a wide variety of physics, before being able to choose which topics you want to specialise in and delve further into in your later years. I have also found the small group teaching sessions– whether that be labs, computing, examples classes or tutorials – to be really useful if there’s something you’re struggling to understand and want extra support in.

Thomas Macfayden

Laura - Theoretical Physics MSci

I think one of the best parts of my course are the weekly small group tutorials in the first and second years. These are a really great opportunity to both attempt some more challenging physics problems, and to get to know members of academic staff and other students. Because Theoretical Physics has a small cohort, it has a very friendly atmosphere. Our timetable has a good mixture of lectures and smaller group teaching.

Laura Coakley

Sandeep - Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics MSci

The MSci Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics programme is an amazing opportunity for students who want to study topics in both physics and maths from lecturers who are genuinely passionate about their research. Whilst the course has been academically challenging, I found that the members of staff were always happy to help with any questions I had. Additionally, weekly tutorials in the first two years of the programme allowed me to work through any problems I had with my tutor. As the cohort for the programme was small, I found it easy to build friendships with other students. This was helpful as it meant that there was an environment where everyone could approach and help each other out.

Sandeep Shirgill

Kousha - Physics MSci (International Study)

My favourite part about my time studying physics at the University of Birmingham has been through the incredible opportunities I have been provided with, mainly the chance to complete my third year through a year abroad in the United States. Whilst it was hard leaving Birmingham where I’d had such an incredible first two years, my year abroad was probably the best year of my life and, as I was taking the MSci course, it all counted towards my degree!

Kousha Wrigley

Robyn - Physics BSc (with Foundation Year)

I have always been interested in maths and science, however, I was unsure of which pathway I wanted to take. Therefore, I decided to do a Physics Foundation Year to give me an insight into what studying physics at university would be like. After attending the Birmingham open day and seeing what an amazing atmosphere the Physics department had, I knew I wanted to study there. All of the staff and students were so friendly and welcoming and made you feel like part of the community. During the foundation year, I was taught a broad range of introductory physics and engineering, and I also gained experience doing lab work every week, which has proved very useful in my first year. It was also a great way to ease myself into university life, which can be very daunting. I have really enjoyed my first year so far, and although it has challenged me a lot, I feel like I am part of a very welcoming community. I also like that the course is not only made up of lectures, but also small group workshops and tutorials that allow you to meet other people and learn in different ways.

Robyn Fletcher

Zane - Physics BSc (with Intercalated Year in Computer Science)

I opted-in for the Year in Computer Science at the end of the second year of my course; it was a great opportunity to pursue an interest and develop my programming skills. When I returned to my final year in Physics, I used my newfound knowledge in my final-year projects and labs. The best part about this course was choosing from so many optional modules and specialising towards the end of the degree.