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QS World University Rankings Top 50 - Theology, Divinity & Religious StudiesThe Department of Theology and Religion has an outstanding international reputation, spanning the formation and development of the foundational texts and manuscripts of Judaism, Christianity and Islam to their interpretation in feminist, ethical, theological, philosophical and environmental perspectives, with specialisms in Sikhism, interfaith engagement, and the study of lived religion and its impact on society. It is at the interface of religion and society that teachers and researchers have made a wider impact, and changed the way governments and public bodies nationally and internationally engage with faith communities, including during the Covid pandemic.



01 November 2018

10 place rise in THE World University Rankings 2019

We are now ranked 70 in the subject ranking for arts and humanities, which covers art, performing arts, design, languages, literature, linguistics, history, philosophy, theology, architecture and archaeology.

31 October 2018

Having faith in Faith

Dr Andrew Davies explains why politicians and policy-makers must bring religious groups into the fold in an article for Bright Blue, an independent UK liberal conservative think tank and pressure group.

30 October 2018

Unexpected convergences: religious nationalism in Israel and Turkey

In a new article published in a special issue of the Religions Journal, Professor Jocelyne Cesari compares Israel and Turkey to demonstrate how religious nationalism can be analysed by a combination of historical institutionalism and conceptual history of religious ideas and doctrines.

25 October 2018

Museum of the Bible's Dead Sea Scrolls turn out to be forgeries

Professor Candida Moss (Department of Theology & Religion) reports for The Daily Beast on the news that recent independent scientific testing on five fragments of Dead Sea Scrolls on display at the Museum of the Bible (USA) reveal that they are forgeries.

04 October 2018

White widows: The myth of the deadliest jihadi women

Dr Katherine Brown argues that the idea that converts to Islam make the most violent jihadi women only disrupts counter-extremism efforts, in this insight article for the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.

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