Applied Golf Management Studies students - past and present

Find out what it's like to be a student on the BSc Applied Golf Managment Studies (AGMS) degree and see how our course has benefited past students in their chosen careers.

BSc Applied Golf Management
  Studies (AGMS)

"It had everything I could have wanted in a degree and at the same time, it applied to the sport I love so this is perfect."
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Lucy Mellor-Bates - AGMS studentLucy - My AGMS Placement

"I didn’t want to be sat behind a desk for my first year, I wanted some real life experience!"
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Alex Higgs AGMS studentAlex - My AGMS Placement

"It was an unbelievable experience which I am never likely to experience again."
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"I certainly wouldn’t have had the career experience I have gained or be in the position I am now without this degree."


"It provided me with a platform to spring into the golf industry and I wouldn't be doing the job I am doing now without the AGMS degree."

Matthew Daviews - AGMS alumnusMatthew,

"I think the AGMS degree being a combined course between The PGA and the University has built a strong reputation within the golf industry."


"I believe this course enabled me to make a thoroughly informed decision about the career pathway I wanted to take. "


Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club
"Don’t let anyone tell you it’s a ‘Mickey Mouse’ degree because it most definitely is not.."