Learning and studying – your academic experience

Our plan is to be able to offer you a full campus-based and in-person teaching experience that provides full access to our world class teaching and learning facilities.

This may change if there are changes to government regulations or guidance but we have reasons to feel optimistic and are very much looking forward to welcoming you in September.

What will university life be like in September?

Our plan is to be able to offer you a full campus-based and in-person teaching experience from September. In addition, we recognise that many of our students have found enhanced digital material helpful in supporting their learning, so we will be using our extensive expertise in online and digital learning to supplement and enhance your teaching experience whilst you’re on campus. We can also use online learning as a back-up option for any students that are unable to access campus due, for example, to travel restrictions.

This may change if there are changes to government regulations or guidance but we have reasons to feel optimistic.

Your learning experience

Your course will begin in September and will be delivered on campus

Flexibility remains key and if there are any travel delays or restrictions in the autumn then you can start the course online and arrive on campus as soon as it becomes possible.

You will meet regularly with your Personal Academic Tutor

To ensure you’re supported throughout your studies, at the start of term you’ll be assigned to an online academic tutor group where you and up to 20 of the students on your course will meet with a designated personal tutor regularly. These sessions are designed to build your confidence, help you get to know and learn from other students, and provide a strong link to an academic tutor who will support your progress through your studies. You’ll also be able to meet with your tutor one-to-one, focusing on assessment feedback and also giving you chance to discuss any other issues. 

Our study spaces, including the main Library, will be open from the start of term with access to computer clusters

Our Library will be open to provide you with space to study in an airy, safe environment, while observing social distancing if necessary from September. As well as bookable computers and spaces across campus, we have plenty of outdoor spaces with Wi-Fi too. Our high-speed Wi-Fi is available in all study spaces and university and partner accommodation.

We have enhanced our extensive online collection of resources, books and journals that you can access and we have increased the range of software that is available online, including free access to Office365, so that wherever you are on campus you still have access to everything that you need.

Our high quality student support services are available for all students

We are committed to supporting you from before you arrive right through to your graduation and beyond to ensure that you get the most out of your university experience. Everyone is different and our range of support services are tailored to your personal needs. From support for your mental health and wellbeing, through to supporting you with your finances, housing, employment, a disability or with your future career, we have professionals who are vastly experienced whatever your needs may be.

Make the transition to University study

If you’re feeling nervous about your first few days at university, don’t worry - that's completely normal. As well as your Personal Tutor who will be on hand for advice and guidance throughout your time with us, if you’re living in University accommodation you’ll be allocated a trained Student Mentor too. There are lots of events and activities during Welcome (our name for Fresher's) where you'll be able to get to know other people in the same boat as you, and we’ll send you more information about that closer to the time.

When you arrive on campus, whether you need support with referencing in essays, presentation skills or finding academic resources we have resources and workshops to help. You'll also have access to our Academic Skills Centre which supports all new undergraduate students to develop their mathematical, academic writing and general academic skills. You may be interested in completing our Skills4Uni module, a free online course to support specifically with your transition.

The way that you study for your degree is probably going to be quite different to how you've studied before. Our academics and support teams have put together a collection of materials to support your transition to University and get you ready to start your degree at Birmingham.

Explore our academic transition materials