A place to call home

University is your next step on the road to independence and it's important that you find a place to call home when you get here. We have exciting plans to help you become part of our community from the moment you arrive, and are putting in place activities to make sure you are safe, happy and healthy when you join us so that you can focus on getting to know one another and settling into your new home. 

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What you can expect

24/7 Support

Moving to a new city, and maybe even a new country, is exciting but it can also be a little daunting. That’s why each accommodation village has a dedicated team of staff on hand day and night to provide you with any support you need. 

Hall Reps and Student Mentors

You will have a dedicated Hall Rep on-hand to help you settle into your new accommodation from day one. They will support you with any day-to-day aspects of living in halls, help you break the ice with your new flatmates and provide top tips on navigating your accommodation village. They’ll also ensure you have the best student experience possible by organising a whole host of exciting social events in your halls and beyond.

The Student Mentors are also here to help. As current students, they have the first-hand experience to support you in your first year at the University of Birmingham. They can advise you on everything from managing your finances to maintaining good mental health. You can find them in The Vale Hub Monday to Friday (4pm-8pm), during term time. You can also contact them via phone or email.

If you’re an international student, a Student Mentor will be in contact with you during your first few weeks to see how you’re settling in and offer any support you may need. 

Safety and Convenience

Although lockdown restrictions in the UK are easing, we’ve put additional measures in place to ensure you live happily and healthily in halls. This includes convenient contactless reporting; all the support you need can be accessed digitally to minimise face-to-face interactions.

If Birmingham is your firm choice on your UCAS form and you have applied by 30 June, you will be guaranteed accommodation for your first year.

Offers will be sent between 10 August and early September. The time period to accept your offer and make payment will be four days. This guarantee also extends to Study Abroad, International Exchange Programme, and articulation (e.g. 2+2) students outside of the EU. Visit the Accommodation section of our website and view our virtual tours to remind yourself of the different accommodation options open to you.  You can still apply if you haven’t yet done so.

Things to do before you arrive

We will begin to send out accommodation offers in batches to undergraduate students from mid-August. Postgraduates can expect to hear from us from the beginning of August onwards. Once you receive your offer, you will need to confirm it within 4 days and make an advanced payment of £550 to secure your place. No deposit is required. This is the case across all University-owned and Partner accommodation.

Should you need to cancel your accommodation, you will have 7 days from the date you confirmed to do so, free of charge. Your advanced payment will be fully refunded to you.

accommodation passAccommodation Pass

The Accommodation Pass is your comprehensive guide and introduction to living in student accommodation.

Containing all the essential information you’ll need during your time with us, it’s an important part of your student induction process and every student needs to complete it.

calendarBook your arrival timeslot

After booking your room, and once you've completed the Accommodation Pass, you will be able to choose an arrival timeslot for your new home.

Timeslot options will be carefully spaced out to ensure that only a limited number of people are arriving to campus at one time.

Making travel arrangements

Travelling from inside the UK

If you’re a UK student, you can arrive from 16 September, during our arrivals weekend. Make sure you book your timeslot for one of these days for a hassle-free move-in. Your contract will then begin on 20 September.

Travelling to us from overseas

We know that travelling into the UK from outside of it is a little tricky at the moment. That’s why we’re making it easier for you to join us this year, with early arrival times that leave plenty of time for quarantine before your official welcome week begins.

If you’re travelling from a country on the Government’s green or amber list, you can arrive from Thursday 9 September, before your contract starts, completely free of charge. To help you throughout your 10-day isolation period (if required), we will provide you with a complimentary support package filled with everyday essentials and give you free access to at-home fitness classes to boost your wellbeing.

If you’re travelling from a country on the red list, you can arrive at any time between now and the start of your accommodation contract, as you will need to quarantine in a hotel before moving into your accommodation. To support you in this, the University will cover the cost of your quarantine period, with the total being deducted on top of your fees once you start studying with us. You can find out more about this via the button below.

Undergraduate travel advice

Additional FAQs for Overseas Students

Should I accept my accommodation offer?

If you plan to arrive on campus between 9 September and 1 November, you should accept your offer of accommodation from us. To help make travelling to your new home as stress-free as possible, you can move into your University or Partner accommodation up to 10 days before the beginning of your contract (from 9 September), at no extra cost. Your contract will begin on 20 September, and you will receive support from the Living team and a free Welcome package to help you settle in. 

At Birmingham, we’ll also support you if you’re unable to travel to campus during your first semester or choose to postpone your travel arrangements. If this is the case, please get in touch with the Living team and do not accept your offer. We will send you another accommodation offer closer to your arrival date.

We only encourage you to accept your offer of accommodation if you know you will arrive in the UK by 1 November at the latest.  

What if I can’t arrive by 1 November?

We understand that travelling is more challenging this year, which is why we offer you the flexibility to join us on campus whenever you’re able.

If you know that you won’t be able to arrive here by 1 November, please contact the Living team at info@living.bham.ac.uk and do not accept your offer. We’ll then send you a new accommodation offer within seven days, ensuring that you have the widest range of options available to you.  

Will I still have the same accommodation options if I arrive after 1 November?

We expect to have the full range of accommodation options available; however, these will be subject to availability at the time of your expected arrival. Rest assured though that we’ll match you to the accommodation that best suits your needs and be here to support you every step of the way. 

What if my flight is cancelled and I can’t travel?

If your flight is cancelled, and your new flight is after 1 November, please let the Living team know as soon as possible (and include any evidence). We will cancel your original offer of accommodation and send you a new one closer to the date of your arrival. You will not be penalised for the cancellation if you inform the Living team before 1 November 2021

I'll be arriving after 1 November. Can I keep my booking but pay less?

No, we strongly advise you to decline your offer. We ask you to inform us as soon as you know your arrival date in Birmingham so we can arrange a new offer for you. We expect to be able to offer a similarly attractive option to you, matching you with the accommodation that best suits your needs.

If you accept your booking, you will be liable for the full accommodation costs which are charged from 20 September 2021 onwards.

If you have any questions or know that you won’t be able to join us by 1 November, get in touch with us at info@living.bham.ac.uk. Our friendly team will work hard to ensure you receive the best accommodation for your needs and requirements. 

Living in the private sector

Living outside of University or Partnered Accommodation does not mean being alone. We will support you from start to finish so you can make the most of your time in the local community.

Rent Right

Rent Right is an initiative run by the University and Guild of Students to offer students expert housing advice and guidance during their time at Birmingham. The programme aims to inform, empower and support you to make the best decisions so you can find your new home with ease. You can find out more about the service and what help is available here.

Contract checking service

Although most contracts will be perfectly sound, it’s always good to have an extra pair of eyes on it before you sign. The Living team can check your contract for you at the Community Living hub at Bournbrook Pavilion or the Living shop in University Centre. Simply call the team on 0121 414 8000 or email them at living@contacts.bham.ac.uk to book an appointment. You can also drop by the Living shop.

Community Living: Advice and Support

The Community Living team are here to support you every step of the way throughout your time at Birmingham. By collaborating with local residents, businesses and students, the team work to make your experience in the community the very best it can be, allowing you to flourish. You can find out more about how the team can support you here.