Meal Plan

Meal Plan is a flexible, cashless system to make eating well, easier.


You’ll have a weekly budget of £52.50 added to your ID card during term time, which you can spend at over 30 different places to eat and drink across the whole campus. Instead of spending time shopping and cooking, you can focus on studying and relaxing with friends – and still enjoy great food.

You’ll also get a Meal Plan-only discount of 10% off all food and drink (Alcohol not included). That means when you’re dining on campus with friends, you’re better off on Meal Plan.

Some University accommodation comes with Meal Plan built in, which means payments are automatically included in your accommodation costs. But even if you’re in self-catered accommodation, you can still choose to add Meal Plan.

You’ll find Meal Plan outlets all across campus, near your accommodation and wherever you’re studying.

The choice is yours: Tex Mex at JC’s, burgers at Brook’s, noodle soup at Wok Fresh or a deli salad from University Centre. Options range from hearty home-style hot dishes to light, fresh options. You can even choose takeaway pizza, or coffee and a cake from Starbucks or Costa.

Any money you haven’t spent will roll over to the next week. That means if you eat out or cook for yourself a lot one week, you won’t miss out. Just make sure you spend all your Meal Plan balance before the end of the 42nd week of your accommodation contract, as this won’t be refunded.


Psychology student

“University accommodation is ideal because it offers you a place to study, eat, sleep and socialise in safe, informal surroundings. A place where you can be at the heart of student life, but find your own space when you need it”

Frequently Asked Questions about Meal Plan


Does Meal Plan cover every meal?

Not exactly – and here’s why.

We know you need a flexible set of options to fit round your busy life. You might prefer to have breakfast at your place. Sometimes you might want to cook your favourite meal from home. At the weekend, you may want to get off campus and explore the city.

Meal Plan’s budget aims to give you two good meals a day, for any five days a week. At Infusion, you can use your Meal Plan balance to pick up a loaf of bread, or milk and breakfast cereal, for breakfast all week. You’ll have the same kitchen facilities as in self-catered accommodation, so you can cook for yourself whenever you like. And at the weekend, you can use Meal Plan at all the usual places at the Vale – or head out to enjoy some of Birmingham’s great dining options.

I have dietary requirements. Can I use Meal Plan?

The University caters for a wide range of diets, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and halal.

If you have a specific dietary requirement, let a catering manager at Infusion know when you arrive; they’ll make sure you get all the information you need.

Unfortunately, at this time the University cannot cater for high-allergen diets such as nut free. All food is prepared in kitchens where these allergens are in use, and we cannot guarantee food is free from nuts.

How do I check my balance?

You can keep on top of your budget using the UoBCashless app. This allows you to check your balance anytime, anywhere.

When can I use Meal Plan?

You can start using Meal Plan on the first Monday of Welcome Week. That’s after Moving-In Weekend, so be sure to have cash or a bank card to cover your first few days.

Meal Plan payments cover 32 weeks of your 42-week accommodation contract, and your weekly budget will be added to your card over those 32 weeks. Outside term time, catering offers a reduced service, but all the outlets that are open will continue to take Meal Plan, and you can keep using your budget. That means if you’re staying here during the vacations, you can use Meal Plan across the whole 42 weeks of your contract.

Can I opt-out of Meal Plan later in the year?

No. You’ll sign an accommodation contract that includes Meal Plan, and under the terms and conditions these cannot be separated. That means a student would be unable to stay in the same accommodation.

I have a suggestion to improve Meal Plan. What do I do?

The catering team welcome comments, feedback and suggestions regarding Meal Plan, and all catering and retail facilities on the main campus and the Hub.

With this in mind we have the following mechanisms in place:

Focus Groups

These are established at the start of each academic year and run for the duration of your contract period. The groups meet once a term. If students are interested in joining a focus group, they can contact the Operations Manager (Hub).

Customer Surveys

We carry out customer surveys on a regular basis throughout the academic year. These will be advertised around the Hub at various times, so please keep an eye out for them.

Feedback Forms 

These are available for you to complete throughout the academic year and are located at the tills.

One to One Sessions 

Staff may join you whilst you are eating your meal to ask you for your comments on the menus, quality of food and service and any other comments or suggestions you may have.We welcome your feedback.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions about our Meal Plan service on campus or at The Vale village, please contact The Hub Catering Operations Manager, Church Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 3SX.

If students are not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint to The Operations Manager (Hub), they should complete a Student Accommodation Complaint Form.

In the unlikely event of an error on a University ID Card, students should visit the Student Hub on main campus, or talk to the Catering Operations Manager based on The Vale.