Oakbrook Park

Oakbrook Park (formerly Liberty Park) is located on the doorstep of the University and provides a comfortable living option to first year undergraduates.

Key Information 
Accommodation Type(s)
  • En-suite, Self-catered, 475 rooms
  • Deluxe En-suite, Self Catered, 177 rooms
  • En-suite, Self Catered 2 bedroom apartment, 4 rooms
Contract Length 42 weeks (21st September 2020 to 10th July 2021)
Price (2020-21)

Classic En-suite, Self-catered

  • Weekly cost: £161
  • Total cost: £6,741

Deluxe En-suite, Self-catered

  • Weekly cost: £166
  • Total cost: £6,951

2 Bedroom Apartment (En-suite), Self Catered

  • Weekly cost: £179
  • Total cost: £7,518
Village Partner Accommodation
Postal Address

Oakbrook Park, 17 Grange Road, Birmingham, B29 6BL

Oakbrook Park is located next to a wide range of local amenities. Less than 5 minutes’ walk from the residence you’ll conveniently find the Aldi supermarket, or even closer you have the option of a Tesco Express to grab all of your essentials.

Next to the residence is Bristol Road which offers many cafés, student bars and restaurants to choose from as well as affordable take away food shops.

There are also laundry facilities, a large common room area and an on site Residence Team dedicated to supporting you during your stay at Oakbrook Park. The residences are also monitored by CCTV 24/7 meaning that you can feel comfortable and safe during your stay there.

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