Chamberlain, our newest accommodation, is home to 702 students and located at the entrance of the Vale overlooking the lake.

Consisting of three low rise blocks and a 20-storey tower Chamberlain provides modern en-suite and catered accommodation with students benefiting from the flexible and convenient  Meal Plan package.

The ground floor of the tower accommodates social spaces including a launderette and JC's the University's first waiter service restaurant which is available to all students both on and off the Meal Plan for an evening meal.

Accommodation type

En-suite, Meal Plan, 702 rooms

All flats have a shared kitchen with a social space.

Contract length

42 weeks (24 September 2018 to 13 July 2019)

Price guide (2018-19)

Weekly cost:
 Weekly prices are only indicative towards total cost£197

Total cost: £8,197

Postal address

Chamberlain Tower & Blocks A, B, C: Chamberlain, 37 Church Road, Birmingham, B15 3SZ

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