Chamberlain, one of our newest residences, is home to 702 students and located at the entrance of the Vale overlooking the lake.

Key Information 
Accommodation Type(s)
  • En-suite, Meal Plan
  • Studio Apartment, Self-catered
Contract Length 42 weeks (21st September 2020 to 10th July 2021)
Price (2020-21)

En-suite, Meal Plan

  • Weekly cost: £208
  • Total cost: £8,446

Studio Apartment, Self-catered

  • Weekly cost: £254
  • Total Cost: £10,562
Village The Vale Village
Postal Address

Church Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 3SZ

Consisting of three low rise blocks and a 20-storey tower Chamberlain provides modern en-suite and Meal Plan accommodation, with students also benefitting from a shared kitchen in each flat.

The ground floor of the tower accommodates social spaces including a launderette and JC's, which is a waiter service restaurant which is available to all students both on and off the Meal Plan for an evening meal.

Spacious and modern studio apartments are also available for undergraduate students looking for a more independent lifestyle.

Disability access

See the Disabled Go site for a detailed disability access audit

Virtual tour of a Chamberlain en-suite flat

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