Cost of living

Students are often stereotyped as living out of their overdrafts and only eating takeaways. To reassure you, this isn’t the case (unless you want it to be).

Coming to university often means learning about balance, including weighing up the choice of going out for the fourth time that week or staying in to do some work. 

Rumali, from Poole, 2nd year Political Science and International Relations

“Birmingham is really affordable. I have never thought to myself that something is overpriced. I think this is because it is very much a student city with so many different universities and therefore students.”

Thankfully in Birmingham, there are lots of student deals, cheap supermarkets and other opportunities you can take advantage of. Learn more from our students about their top tips for saving money during university.

Harvey, from Bridgend, 2nd year Modern Languages

“I can have a good night out for under £20 including some cheap drinks, entry to a club and splitting a taxi. You can definitely have a great time without spending a lot.”

Cooking is a great way to keep your costs low. And it doesn’t have to be oven-cooked pizza and chips for dinner, from spaghetti Bolognese to delicious salads, there are lots of options for you and your housemates to eat delicious food and cut costs.

  • “Me and my housemates often cook bigger dishes like fajitas together, to spread the cost and have a catch up over some good food”- Harvey, from Bridgend, 2nd year Modern languages
  • “When I cook for myself, I love a good spaghetti bolognaise!”- Eaad, from Birmingham, 2nd year Mathematics 
  • “Cooking in bulk and freezing food is definitely the way to do it! Coming home from a busy day of lectures and being able to grab some pre-cooked chilli out of the freezer is a life-saver for those days when you just really can't be bothered!” – Rachel from Bury, 4th year Biological Sciences
  • “I like to try a new dish in a restaurant and then recreate it at home (for half the price!).” – Carter, from Manchester, 2nd year Mechanical Engineering 

 Learn more about some of our students’ top tips about eating at Birmingham.

Many of our students choose to work part time to earn a bit of extra money to help throughout the term. If you’re interested in earning a bit of extra money, you can find more information about part-time work, and careers opportunities through our Careers Network.