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Information for Employers

Higher and Degree Apprenticeships provide an opportunity to support the diversification of your current workforce by engaging staff who may not be attracted by more traditional forms of study. At the University of Birmingham, we are proud of the work we do to widen participation in Higher Education and to support social mobility in a wide range of professions.

Apprenticeships can also help you address skills gaps and improve talent retainment by offering your current staff the invaluable development opportunity to obtain formal academic qualifications whilst earning a salary and without having to worry about fees or student loans.

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Why choose the University of Birmingham?

Our portfolio of apprenticeship programmes are co-designed with employers to ensure apprentices graduate with the career-boosting practical skills and academic knowledge the industry needs. The University of Birmingham has been producing high quality graduates for over a century. We have expertise and wealth of experience in partnering with business and industry to find solutions to real world issues.

Working with you

We are currently partnered with over 250 employers across private, public and third sectors, in business, local government, education and the NHS to deliver 16 apprenticeship programmes, with more in development.

The curriculum of our programmes have been developed to ensure apprentices are learning new knowledge, skills and behaviours beneficial to your business needs.

Get in touch with us to discuss our current programmes or to find out if we can develop and offer a new apprenticeship to suit your business needs.

Find your course

We have a range of course available for your employees to choose from.

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How can employers pay for apprenticeship training?

If your company is a levy-paying organisation, you can pay for apprenticeship training at the University of Birmingham through your Apprenticeship Levy Account. For further information on the Apprenticeship Levy, please see the government website. The website also contains information about the arrangements in place for non-levy paying companies.

What are the apprentice requirements?

Apprentices must:

  • Be at least 16 years old (there is no upper age limit)
  • Meet the entry requirements for the course
  • Have the right to work in England
  • Spend at least 50% of their working hours in England over the duration of the apprenticeship
  • Be contracted to work a minimum of 30 hours per week and be paid at least their age-related Apprentice National Minimum Wage.


Higher and Degree apprenticeships can be at Level 6 (undergraduate degree) or Level 7 (postgraduate degree) and each programme is mapped to an apprenticeship standard, ensuring that apprentices develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for a specific occupation. Apprenticeships can be paid for by employers through the Apprenticeship Levy.

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Get in touch

If you are interested in developing a bespoke programme with us or have questions around our range of Apprenticeships, please contact us.