Completing your taught course application

Before continuing with your application, please read our application guidance carefully.

Your application is specifically designed for the programme you have applied for via your course page. It is sensitive to the answers you provide as you proceed through the application.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the information you provide is accurate and complete, and does not contain false or misleading information. It is also your responsibility to provide additional information when requested to do so. We will check your academic history, qualifications, references, personal statements and anything else provided as part of your application for accuracy.

Completing the application form

The application form is divided into the following sections, which will be tailored to the application route you are applying for.

Document requirements

If you have made an application to the University of Birmingham for a postgraduate programme, there are documents that are required before we can make a decision. Below is an explanation of the document types and advice on providing these documents to us.