Meet Hannah

Student Team member HannahHi! I am Hannah, a third year biomedical science student at the University of Birmingham. Nerdy for all things genetics and stem cells, I love to be on top of all the latest controversial medical news stories coming from these areas. In my spare time I like to post on my studygram account (@_hannah_uob_) as a means to motivate myself and others to work hard, as well as track my progress. This is mainly in the form of aesthetic posts, but I also give study tips for my peers, A level and GCSE students. I'm not so much a clubbing person, but I do appreciate a trip to the pub or a chill drink ever so often.

Get to know Hannah

  1. In 10 years I want to be…either as a clinical geneticist or a genetic counsellor. I haven’t yet decided between the two, however genetics is such a constantly evolving field of medicine and biology, and I am excited to see where this goes. 
  2. Every student needs…a decent, working laptop is essential for study, but also winding down with a good Netflix show in the evenings.
  3. My best piece of advice for students is…try to find that work/fun balance. Sure you want a good grade at university to help you with your next steps in your career, but don’t always have your head in your books. Go out with friends, explore, have fun!
  4. My favourite thing about Birmingham is…that despite being such a huge city, everything you need is situated so close together and easy to get to. Oh, and I love the Bullring!
  5. Best study space on campus is…I may be biased, because I am taught in the medical school, but I love the Doug Ellis learning hub. It’s not a totally silent space, which makes it really good to confer ideas with other course mates, but that atmosphere with other students working really helps me to set my focus. 
  6. If I could be anyone for a day I would be…I would honestly want to be one of my leading lecturers/ researchers. I feel that students, including me, do not often appreciate how intense their workload can be. Sure you have a report due… but they have plenty more things going on!  
  7. When not studying you’ll find me…probably at home, chilling or out in Harborne high-street near my house. It’s got a lot of great charity shops that I always like to look in!
  8. When I was little I wanted to be… a doctor. However, at school I was always more interested in the science behind things, always asking “why” to every fact. Once I discovered biomedical science near the end of high school, that was it. I decided that was what I wanted to do.
  9. Best budget friendly meal…tortellini (specifically spinach and ricotta) is so quick and easy! By them pre-made at any supermarket, then either make, or buy your favourite pasta sauce. But don’t forget the garlic bread!
  10. Snobs or The Soak...The Soak is really good for a chill drink with your mates after an intense day in lectures.