Better Than Well Activities


Timetable of Better Than Well Activities
  MorningAfternoon Evening
 Monday  Drop-in (The Lodge) 9 - 11.00am  Drop-in (The Lodge) 12 - 3.00pm  Drop-in (The Lodge) 3 - 5.00pm
 Tuesday  Drop-in (The Lodge) 9 - 11.00am    
 Wednesday      Monthly Sober Social 6 - 9.00pm
 Thursday  Drop-in (The Lodge) 9 - 11.00am    
 Friday  Drop-in (The Lodge) 9 - 11.00am  Drop-in (The Lodge) 12 - 2.00pm

 Better Than Well Recovery Celebration 5 - 7.00pm (Venue TBC)


Drop-ins at The Lodge (North Gate) are available to all involved in the Better Than Well (BTW) programme and anyone who wants to discuss addiction and recovery. You can expect a welcoming, supportive, and non-judgmental approach to anything you feel you want to discuss about addiction, recovery, and education. This is not a formal setting so there is no need to book or sign up to any specific form of therapy, just come along and have a friendly chat. If there does seem to be issues that need further support, someone from our Better Than Well team will be able to signpost you to the best help available. 

Better Than Well Weekly Recovery Celebration

The weekly recovery celebration is at the heart of any collegiate recovery programme, it is a chance for students in recovery to meet weekly and discuss their hopes, fears, strategies and above all successes in recovery and education. There is no one way to do recovery and likewise, this group does not adhere to any particular form of recovery programme or language, but all who follow those programmes (12step, SMART, ACT etc) are welcome. Each week there will be a recovery topic, for example, “life as an abstinent student”, “recovery and the family”, “recovery and education”. It is up to the individual to define what recovery is and what it might look like, at BTW we do not seek to define your recovery for you. So long as your recovery is focused on abstinence now or a meaningful move towards abstinence for the future, you are welcome. 

Local Recovery Meetings 

In the University of Birmingham, we a have a strong, diverse, and vibrant ‘recovery community’. This means in the wider community there is a wealth of recovery meetings, groups, initiatives, spaces, and networks. For students that have never ventured to a recovery meeting in the community, it can be a daunting prospect, the first step through the doors of a meeting can often be the hardest. At BTW we understand this fully and that is why we offer the chance to discuss attendance with an established member who can also take you along with them and introduce you to the group. Representatives from all the recovery networks in Birmingham are on hand to answer any questions and escort to the groups if necessary.

To find out more email Luke Trainor or Dr Ed Day